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  1. Location
  2. Diagrams
  3. Gallery
  4. Material Prices
  5. Installation

1. Location

Church Address
620 E Lexington Ave
High Point, NC 27262

2. Diagrams

Security Cameras

Cameras Location
Cameras Coverage

4. Material Prices

1Camera G5 Bullet <link>$129.00$129.00
6Camera G5 Dome <link>$179.00$1,074.00
1Switch Lite 16 PoE <link>$199.00$199.00
1Toshiba N300 4TB NAS 3.5 <link>$99.99$99.99
1Additional Network Parts (Cables, Connectors, Conduits, Boxes, etc.)$250.00$250.00

5. Installation and Configuration

Estimated 8 Hours of Labor at $80.00/hr Total $640.00

Updated: July 2, 2022 12:00pm

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