1. Location

1987 Old Salisbury Rd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27127
1651 Ardmore Rd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27127

2. Wireless Link Between Church and House

2.1. Materials

2airMAX LiteBeam AC 5 GHz Bridge Antenna$95.00$130.00
2Universal Antenna Mount Mast$20.00$40.00
1Outdoor Ethernet Cable (100ft)$80.00$80.00
1Miscellaneous (Ethernet Connectors, Patch Cables and Clamps)$60.00$60.00
1Netgear WiFi Router for the House (included)$0.00$0.00

2.2. Installation and Configuration

Estimated 6 Hours of Labor at $80.00/hr Total $480.00

3. Fiber Optic Cable Between Church and House

3.1. Materials

1200M LC to LC Outdoor Armored Simplex 9/125 SM Fiber Optic Cable Singlemode 200Meters 656ft$180.00$180.00
1Pair of 1.25G Bidi Media Converter, SFP Slot, with a Pair Bidi SFP transceivers, SMF, 3-km$80.00$80.00
1Miscellaneous (Ethernet Connectors and Patch Cables)$30.00$30.00
1Netgear WiFi Router for the House (included)$0.00$0.00

3.2. Installation and Configuration

Estimated 3 Hours of Labor at $80.00/hr Total $240.00 (Trench and Conduit Not Included)

Updated: May 10, 2022 6:00pm